Midi DJ

Midi DJ - is a midi controller for pc/mac DJ software (Traktor Pro 2, Deckadance 2, Mixxx, Torq and any other MIDI-enabled DJ software).

It supports sending and receiving MIDI messages over Wi-Fi network and allows you to control your pc/mac dj software remotely. You can forget about your mouse and trackpad. This app is fully adapted for Traktor Pro 2 mac/pc software and contains of DeckA, DeckB and Mixer.

DeckA/DeckB features:
• Play/Pause
• Cue
• Track search buttons
• Tempo fader
• Jog control
• 4 programmable Hot points
• In/Out loop buttons with 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32 time intervals
• Master mode
• Sync mode
• Flux mode
• Track position finger changer

Additional Traktor Pro available features: (read guide)
• LCD display with track name, time (m:s:f) and track position indicator.

Mixer features:
• Left/Right volume level faders
• Crossfader
• Mic gain fader
• Main output level protected fader (to avoid rapid volume changing)
• Hi, Mid and Low frequency regulators
• Kill Hi, Mid and Low buttons
• Gain control
• 3 FX regulators per channel
• 3 FX turn on/off buttons per channel

Additional Traktor Pro available features: (read guide)
• LCD left/right and main output level indicator.
• Files browsing Up&Down keys
• Load to deck A or B buttons
• Phones cueA & cueB buttons

For using all Midi Dj features please read user's guide and see all the demonstration videos at http://www.kvasha.us/guide/midi-dj/