Baby Monitor: Video Nanny
Baby Monitor: Video Nanny

The Baby Monitor is an indispensable best application for parents who have small children, but there is absolutely no free time since childcare requires constant attention and control.

Now you can not worry about what your child is doing in the next room. The babyphone app camera will allow you to watch as much time as you need for your child. The audio mode of the wireless nanny cam will help in time to react to the child's crying. (audio alarm)

You can also play with the baby by clicking on the buttons with the sounds of different animals. On the screen of the baby's smartphone will appear pictures of animals with the corresponding audio series. If necessary, you can communicate with the child using a two-way audio connection.

Supported WiFi, 3G, LTE networks. Has a reconnection function when the connection is broken. Easily establishes a connection between devices by simply entering the code from the parent device on the child's device.

Single audio mode for weak hotel WiFi supported

Multiplatform support.

• Video Audio streaming
• Auto reconnect
• Weak hotel WiFi mode (only Audio)
• Talk to baby mode
• Play with baby (sounds of animals)
• Battery level indication
• ScreenSaver

Never leave your child unattended for a long time. You can not completely trust any applications, all programs can fail!

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