The Seven Hebrew Binyanim

We present to you a unique application for studying Hebrew language. Our application offers all the necessary tools for effective and productive study of Hebrew.

One of the key features of the application is a powerful dictionary with more than 9000 words. Using various search methods, you can easily and quickly find the words you need, including dictionary search, transliteration, Hebrew word roots or alphabetical sectors. You can also search for words with or without vowel points for a better understanding and usage of Hebrew.

The ability to create your own word groups and add them to your favorites right from the dictionary will simplify organization and management of studied words. You can edit group titles and customize list colors for better usability. You will also be able to view the word statistics in the group and evaluate your progress.

The self-control mode with two types of tests, providing real pronunciations and stresses, will allow you to check your knowledge and listen to the correct spelling of words. It will give you additional audio-visual opportunities in learning a new language.