HAM Radio CW Keyer

Ham Radio CW Keyer - is an automatic computer Morse code keyer. This program can be utilized by aspiring radio amateurs who are learning to work with Morse code, as well as advanced radio enthusiasts participating in contests where time and speed are crucial factors.

The CW Keyer controls the transceiver via the serial port (DTR and RTS lines). It also has support for the CAT interface, which is used to obtain the transceiver’s frequency. At the moment most models of two well-known transceiver manufacturers are supported: YAESU and ICOM.

HAM Radio CW Keyer by Kvasha Software

• CW Keyer with wide WPM range
• Ten quick memory buttons
• Morse code spectrogram
• Typewriter mode
• Logging system
• Contest mode
• Auto QSO mode
• QRZ.COM and HAMQTH.COM support
• Q-Codes search system

Please read HAM Radio CW Keyer - Operations Manual